King Aegeus secretly married the Princess Aethra, and of that marriage was born Theseus. So that his nephews would not kill her and their son, he decided to return home. To avoid scandal, Aethra claimed that Poseidon was Theseus' father. This was believeable, though, because he was unnaturally strong. At fourteen, by his mother's instruction, he lifted a rock, under which were a sword and a pair of sandals which belonged to Aegeus. So he journeyed to his father, and along the way fought a giant who ripped people in half, a sow with great tusks, and Procrustes, a torture-obsessed innkeeper. Theseus fought and killed his cousins when attacked by them. For that, he was sent to Crete, to deal with the Minotaur, owned by King Minos. His son, Androgeus, had excelled at everything in the Olympics one year, and Aegeus' jealous nephews had killed him. As repayment, Aegeus must send fourteen children each year to be fed to the Minotaur. So Theseus fought and killed him too, with the help of Ariadne. However he did not change the black sails to white to signify his safe return, and Aegeus assumed the worst and killed himself. Theseus became king, and became very arrogant, especially after defeating some Amazons. He foolishly helped his friend to win the hand of Hades' wife Persephone, but failed and now they are forever trapped in Hades' realm...


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