"The Bet"


Fifteen years ago, a young banker who was ridiculously rich threw a great party. At this party, a heated debate grew on the subject of capital punishment. A lawyer who was present said that life imprisonment was better - at least you were alive. The banker, disagreeing, bet the banker two millions that he could not last fifteen years while imprisoned. The banker locked him up in the garden wing of his home, and for fifteen years the lawyer read books, played music, and wasted away. By the end of the fourteenth year, the banker had gambled away much of his money, and didn't even know if he had enough money to pay up. He planned to kill the lawyer, and went into the small room to do the deed. He found a note on the desk where the lawyer slept soundly, proclaiming that he had become disgusted with money and material things, and would leave just before midnight on the last night. The banker, overcome with guilt, returned to his room. The lawyer left of his own accord, and was gone the next morning.


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