The Mahabharata


Arjuna: Arjuna, the third son was born of Indra, god of thunder and war, and was destined to be the greatest warrior of all time.

Bhima: Bhima, the second son fathered by Vayu, god of wind, so powerful that he broke a rock as an infant when he fell on it.

Dhritarashtra: The kind blind king, older brother to Pandu and uncle to the Pandavas, as well as father to the Kauravas.

Draupadi: The princess Arjuna won, who is married to all of the brothers.

Duhsasana: One of the many Kaurava sons.

Duryodhana: The oldest of the Kaurava sons, and the biggest rival.

Gandhari: The kindhearted mother of the Kaurava sons.

Krishna: Kunti's cousin, incarnate of Narayana, and Arjuna's best friend.

Kunti: Mother to three of the Pandavas: Yudhistira, Bhima, and Arjuna.

Madri: Mother to the last two of the Pandavas: Nakula and Sahadeva. She killed herself after Pandu's death.

Nakula: One of the Pandavas, who could see into the future and understand the language of animals.

Pandu: The 'father' of the Pandavas, cursed by a stag for shooting him while mating, so that if he attempts to do the same his head will burst. (Which, eventually, it does.)

Sahadeva: An expert horseman, twin to Nakula.

Sakuni: The gambling expert who helped exile the Pandavas. He is also the Kauravas' uncle.

Yudhistira: The eldest of the Pandavas, also known as Lord Dharma, as he is the son of Dharma and is a wise, righteous man.


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