Things Fall Apart


In Umuofia, a group of villages, lives Okonkwo and his family. He has risen from nothing to a respected man among his village. He has three wives, eight children, and has many yams. However, he has a terrible temper. A neighboring clan killed a woman from Umuofia, and they offer them a virgin girl to replace the wife, and a young boy who is taken in by Okonkwo and later ordered to be killed. Prior to his death, he became a part of the family and was close to all of them. Okonkwo, fearing to be thought weak, helps to kill him. Later, Okonkwo's gun explodes at a funeral, killing a young boy. As it was an accident, Okonkwo and his family are exiled for seven years. They go to Mbanta, his motherland. During the exile, white men come and change everything. They preach of Christianity, which draws Nwoye, Okonkwo's oldest son, out of his abusive household, and he is not seen again. As his culture is shredded to pieces, even back home (which he returns to at last), he is saddened by the fact - which he realizes too late - that his people will not choose war, and he hangs himself.


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