The Epic of Gilgamesh


Gilgamesh (two parts god, one part human) was the king of Uruk. He was an arrogant king, however, and the gods send Enkidu, a wild man, to wrestle him. Gilgamesh wins, and they became close friends. Together they kill Humbaba, the demon who guarded the Cedar Forest, and leveled it. The goddess Ishtar made romantic overtures at Gilgamesh, who rejected them, and in her fury unleashed a Bull of Heaven on the land. They then kill the Bull, and as punishment they cause Enkidu to die, instilling a fear of death in Gilgamesh. He braved battle and discouragement from the gods just to get the key to immortality, which he ends up losing to a snake. However, by that time he had realized that death was inevitable, and he was far wiser for it. He no longer feared death.


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