Theseus: A child born of a secret marriage, Theseus is very strong and has the power to track his father down, after he had left his wife (after all, it WAS secret...). He killed great opponents, such as Sinis, the giant who ripped people in half, and Procrustes, an innkeeper who would adjust travelers to the size of his bed using either an ax or the rack (depending on the height difference), and then he would smother them to death. Theseus gave them both tastes of his own medicine. After meeting his father again, he ends up fighting and slaying the Minotaur for him, but these victories make him arrogant. He even forgets to change the sails so his father will know that he succeeded, which prompts him to commit suicide. While helping a friend to win Persephone (wife of the God of the Underworld), they are trapped there, partly due to his pride and gullibility.

Aethra: Theseus' mother, who claims that Poseidon is Theseus' father.

Aegeus: Theseus' father. He is the king of Athens, and must send fourteen children to Crete each year to be fed to the Minotaur. Theseus goes to defeat the Minotaur, but forgets to change the sails as a signal to Aegeus that his son is alive. He kills himself as a result.

Medea: A witch, Aegeus' wife. She tried to poison Theseus, but her role is not terrible influential in this story.

Minos: The ruler of Crete, who keeps a minotaur in the labyrinth, built for him by Daedalus. His son, Androgeus, had excelled at everything in the Olympics one year, and Aegeus' jealous nephews had killed him. As repayment, Aegeus must send fourteen children each year to be fed to the Mintaur.

Minotaur: A great beast who lives in the labyrinth in Crete. He is fed fourteen girls and boys over the course of a year, chasing them down in his labyrinth. Theseus slays him with the help of Ariadne.

Ariadne: The princess of Crete, who falls in love with Theseus. She helps him to defeat the Minotaur in exchange for the promise of marriage. While sleeping on an island after escaping Crete, he abandons her at Dionysus' command. She is heartbroken, but Dionysus asks for her hand in marriage, and she soon forgets Theseus.

Peirithous: Theseus' lovesick friend, who asks him to help win Persephone's hand in marriage. To do so, they have to go through the Underworld and confront Hades. They are trapped there as a result.

Persephone: Demeter's beautiful daughter, and Hades' wife. She was taken down there against her will, and only stays there during the winter. In spring she is back in the normal world, which is why Demeter lets everything bloom and flourish, for she is happy.


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