"Sibi" from the Mahabharata


King Sibi was a kind man, and one day he had a great feast. As he and his guests all lay about outside, resting and being happy, a dove came to him and hid in his lap. Shortly after it came a hawk who was hunting it. Sibi wanted to protect the dove, but it turned out the hawk had a family at home who was starving. He offered the leftovers of the feast, but it wanted flesh. So Sibi offered the flesh of his leg, cut and ripped from him personally, equal to the dove's weight, but it did not weigh nearly as much as the dove. Sibi ended up putting his whole body on the weight, and then it weighed the same. Fortunately, it was just a test by the gods - he had earned his place among the gods. (After such a gory story, I think that was a lovely ending!)


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