Oedipus Rex


There was a prophesy that Oedipus would kill his father King Laius and wed and father children to his mother Queen Jocasta. They tried to send him away as an infant to die in the mountains, but he was taken in by a king and queen from Corinth. As an adult he left for Thebes. On the way he was nearly killed by Laius and killed him and his men in retaliation for nearly being trampled intentionally. When he arrived in Thebes he married Jocasta. All of this was beyond his knowledge, of course. Eventually, though, a plague is sent down on Thebes and he, as king, decides to remedy the situation by finding Laius' killer, as was the decreed relief from the sickness. Eventually all is revealed, and he exiles himself to save the people and go through on his promise to exile the murderer, and Jocasta kills herself. Because he can take no more, he furthers his punishment by scratching out his eyes with his wife-mother's brooches, so he will see no more. It is, indubitably, a most tragic drama.


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