"Coyote and the Origin of Death"


Because there were so few people, originally death was nonexistant. But as the world filled with life, the world was running out of room. Thusly, all of the chiefs met and agreed that people should die and then come back again, as those left was behind would be sad and there would be no happiness. Coyote, perhaps the only one with only sense, pointed out that the world could not hold everyone, and because people kept having babies, and nobody died, there would not be enough food for everyone. They ignored him, of course, and the medicine men built a huge hut, and told the people that people who passed away would be brought back in that hut (which of course made everyone happy). The first man died, and a whirlwind (his soul) came around the hut and tried to go inside the open door. Coyote saw and closed it, thus making death eternal. That is why coyotes are distrusted and disliked, and why death is eternal.


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