A Doll's House


Nora and Torvald are parents of three children, and have a seemingly happy relationship. However, family friend Dr. Rank is Nora's only confidant - and he's dying of an STD he received through his parents. Prior to the play, Torvald fell dangerously, and Nora had to borrow from Krogstad (Torvald's co-worker) to get the money to take him to Italy so he could recover. Debt is strictly out of the question. Unfortunately, she had to forge her father's signature on the IOU, and Krogstad blackmails her with that fact so that he can keep his job (so she will influence Torvald to refrain from firing him). Her old friend, the widowed Ms. Linde, comes to visit and happens to be a former lover of Krogstad. Both in a desire to be with him again and in an effort to help her friend, she gets Krogstad to withdraw the remaining debt from Nora - but not before he sends a letter about it to Torvald. When Torvald finds out, he is shocked at Nora, and wants to break off their marriage, but keep her living there to keep up appearances. She is appalled, but even then she was not as appalled as she was when Krogstad returned the IOU. Torvald immediately 'forgave her', and exclaimed how he was saved. This made her realize that he was not the man she hoped and believed him to be, and she left him immediately, and had her freedom.


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