A Doll's House


Torvald Helmer - The protagonist's husband. On the surface he appears a professional, honest man, a good husband, and an overall caring person. Prior to the events of the play, he became dangerously ill and his wife had to borrow money to save him so she could take him to Italy. (He is very against owing debts, for the record.) Nora is counting on him to come to her defense when it all hits the fan (though of course she wouldn't let him), but when he finds out he proves himself to be a no-good excuse for a husband - more obsessed with keeping up appearances than with doing what is morally right.

Nora - The protagonist. She appears to be a hyperactive, flirtatious, playful woman. However, she wears two faces - one for Torvald, and one for herself. She is actually quite serious and deep, compared to how she pretends to be. She saved Torvald's life by borrowing money for a trip to Italy, but to do so she forged her father's signature. She's fairly uneducated about the law, and thinks she can get away with it because of her reasons. She ends up leaving Torvald because he disproves himself to be a worthy of her.

Christine Linde - The protagonist's childhood friend. She was in love with Krogstad, but had to marry another man with more money in order to support her mother and brothers. When her mother and husband died, and her brothers no longer needed her support, she had nothing to live for. So she decided to come to Nora's town to find a job, and ended up meeting Krogstad again, and persuades him to let the rest of Nora's debt go. However, she wants the truth about Nora's debts to be revealed so that their marriage will be clear and honest (although this is not the effect it produces).

Krogstad - A co-worker of Torvald's. He loved Ms. Linde deeply, and was shattered and embittered when she left him. He loaned Nora money to send Torvald to Italy, and blackedmailed her over the forged signature. He eventually lets it go at Ms. Linde's request, showing he is not wholly terrible. However, he is deeply disliked by the Helmer family.

Dr. Rank - The best friend of the protagonist and her husband. While he knows it will never amount to anything, he loves Nora very much. Thanks to his sexually active father (too much so and with too many people), he has an STD passed down to him, believed to be syphilis. He dies at the end, elsewhere and apart from the main story. He is Nora's only confidant until Ms. Linde comes along.


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